Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome to Victor's Thesis

Text and Data Mining of Clinical Data (supervised by Jon Patrick and Irena Koprinska)

Intensive Care Unit Data - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital & Children’s Hospital Westmead

Thesis' Description:

The ICU at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital has been collecting all its clinical data for the last ten in electronic form. This includes all the bedside instrumentation, Laboratory reports, clinical notes and bedside observations. The staff wish to understand the nature in which their outcomes of care have changed over time as their clinical practice has changed with the advent of new care strategies, for example how their strategies to control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients have improved or not after changing medication strategies. The investigation will have a longitudinal time dimension in the machine learning and data mining strategies. This work involves collecting data from their data bases, anonymising and cleaning it and then applying time based data mining strategies. This project provides an opportunity to conduct cutting edge research on real data and to engage with leading health care professionals.