Monday, November 5, 2007

Final Progress of CDAL

The final version of CDAL is version 2.6. The code is located at the computer at the RPAH, under "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\cgi-bin\cdal26\". The size of this folder is over 200MB because it includes the SNOMED-CT server as well.

To run CDAL, you must do so at the RPAH, since it requires connection to the CareVue Information System. Otherwise, you will receive connection error of all sorts. The url to CDAL is "". At the interface, you can enter the question based on CDAL's pre-defined syntax.

The web-server is a bit trickier to explain. Whenever you make any changes to the source code, you must make the same changes under the "..\htdoc\cdal26\" folder. This means that the "htdoc\cdal26\" folder and the "cgi-bin\cdal26\" folder must be identical in order for any change that you have made to be effective.

Finally, Matlab must be installed on the machine (which it already is) in order to run hypothesis testing. All code on hypothesis testing is written in Matlab. Under "/hypothesis_testing", you must generate an .exe file for every method that you have written, so that "" can call it accordingly. To generate a .exe file, use the mcc command inside Matlab.

For future work on CDAL, please refer to my thesis under "Future Work".

For any clarification or problem please contact me. Thanks.