Monday, August 27, 2007

Work done Up to 28/8

SQL Generation
The SQLGenerator has been extended to include the following categories in the answer and condition part of the query:
1. Patient event - All the basic demographic information for patients (E.g. medical record number, sex, etc.)
2. Chart event (Numerical) - All the numerical charted information for patients (E.g. heart rate, peep, cvp, etc.)
3. Chart event (Categorical) - All the categorical charted information for patients (E.g. ventilation mode, airway, etc.)
4. Medication event (drip) - All the iv-drip-infusion (sedation and inotropes) information for patients (E.g. Propofol, Fentanyl, etc.)
5. Medication event (dose) - All the dosage (antibiotics and thromoebolic prophylaxis) information for patients (E.g. Panadol, etc.)
6. Laboratory event - All the chemical information for patients (E.g. Chloride, Sodium, pH, etc.)
7. Output event - All the output information for patients (E.g. urine, etc.)

At the moment, categories 1,2,3,4 are completed. Categories 5,6,7 are in progress.

User Interface
The user interface has been extended to include the following features:
1. Automatically update the query as the user types and makes selection (with the use of AJAX).
2. Check whether the variable names that the user entered are found in the dictionary.
3. Display the query result in the format selected by the user (E.g. Table, List, etc.)

At the moment, features 1,2 are completed. Feature 3 is in progress. Feature 2 will later be implemented with the SNOMED-CT server to replace the dictionary.

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