Sunday, July 8, 2007

Project's Aim and Deliverables

This project aims to define and devleop a general purpose analytical language for use in clinical information systems using a restricted subset of natural language.

Previous work: This project has progressed as far as designing the first version of the CDAL and implementing a subset on the CareVue ICU system at the RPAH.

The project for this semester is split into a few major components or deliverables, as listed below:
1. Expand the system for mapping the CDAL components to the underlying CareVue schema.
2. Clarify the semantics of the CDAL.
3. Expand the scope of the CDAL.
4. Introduce access to the SNOMED CT teminology as part of the CDAL.

The project team consists of the following members:

Jon Patrick (USYD Professor)
Yuzhong Cheng (Semester 1 Student)
Victor Chan (Semester 2 Student)
David Ding (Semester 2 Student)
Robert Herkes (RPAH Staff)
Angela Ryan (RPAH Staff)

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