Thursday, July 26, 2007

Work Summary

It has been decided by the team that the existing parser needs to be extended, by allowing the user to do the following:
1. select more than 1 attribute in a single query
2. use algebraic entity such as '>', '<', '=', etc.
3. use disjunction 'OR'
4. use SNOMED terminology

Work done on 26/7:
* Done Syntactic parser: split question into meaningful parts such as conditions, TOC, database selected, time selected, etc.
* Done the condition part for the Semantic parser: split the conditions into an array of conditions.
* Done the input User Interface: allow user to enter a question using combo-boxes and text-boxes.
* Done the code for the SNOMED dictionary: converting SNOMED terms to database terms
* Planned for work on next week: answer part for the Semantic parser, SQL Query Generator

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