Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Work done Up to 25/9

SQL Generation

The CDAL prototype is now completed. This prototype is only connected to the ISM and the GICU real-time, and only a limited variables across the different tables can be retrieved.
However, all the major categories can now be extracted, and include the followings:

1. Patient event - All the basic demographic information for patients (E.g. medical record number, sex, etc.)
2. Chart event (Numerical) - All the numerical charted information for patients (E.g. heart rate, peep, cvp, etc.)
3. Chart event (Categorical) - All the categorical charted information for patients (E.g. ventilation mode, airway, etc.)
4. Medication event - All the iv-drip-infusion (sedation and inotropes) information for patients (E.g. Propofol, Fentanyl, etc.)
5. Laboratory event - All the chemical information for patients (E.g. Chloride, Sodium, pH, etc.)
6. Group event - All the group-of-variables pre-defined by the medical staff. Unlike the other event types, this returns more than a single attribute. For example, sedation will return all the propofol, fentanyl, etc. that the patient has taken.


A list of database terms has been mapped to the terminologies that doctors use, and include all their corresponding synonyms and abbreviations. Please see attached. All terms on this list can now be extracted by the CDAL prototype.

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